Why Counselling

Dr. Satpute believes that the main objectives of counselling is to guide the society in developing awareness for psychological, emotional, spiritual and social growth. This leads to personality development and helps an individual in fostering a healthy interpersonal network.

The mission of Dr. Satpute is to help people can be summarized best in his own words, “Our mission is to help people to become aware of their inner self so as to enable them to become aware of their own needs and problems to help them reach their full potential. We do this by increasing their self esteem which ultimately improves their self realization.“

According to him, students are faced with an increased amount of stress and anxiety from parents’ expectations, money issues, relationship complications, personal hopes and desires, etc. to name a few. An inability to express and raise their issues with parents, teachers, friends and school staff leads them to problems like depression, anxieties, health problems, suicides etc. The need of guidance increases by manifolds in situations like these where a student needs to know the difference between what is right and wrong for them and take a proper course of action as far as their careers are concerned.